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Open Public Records

Massachusetts Public Records laws provide access to public documents and other information. The Town of Belmont uses this online portal to streamline requests for public records. You can use this system to make requests, or to find your documents online. You may even find what you're looking for without submitting a new request! Since June 2017 we have received and fulfilled more than 7,600 Public Record Requests, many of which are visible only to the requester. The requests you see here have been released to the public. Similarly, we have provided more than 16,000 documents, many of which are available in the Documents tab at the top of this page. To file a request click on "MAKE REQUEST" or to search in documents already available, click on "DOCUMENTS" and browse the list of documents on the right or search by key word in the filters on the left.  


Search 1294 requests and counting.

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