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David Perlmutter Request from BHS project consultant for crash data on Concord Ave (bridge to Cambridge Line) and ... Police Ben Mailhot
Joanna Tzouvelis Lt. Daley recommended I talk to you about an accident that occurred on Sept. 26.I'm working on a ... Police - Crash Reports Only Ben Mailhot
Donna Ruvolo Hi.  This is Donna Ruvolo with the Friends of Grove Street Park.  We would like to confirm the na... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Christopher Dodge I would like a list of email address for our Precinct #2 Town Meeting representatives so that we ... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Anonymous Please provide the detailed budget and actuals for all Belmont High School Fall Sports Teams for ... Accounting; Treasurer's Office; Schools; Parks & Recreation (Public Works) John Phelan
LULE SSEBBUNZA Requesting the formal registration details of st peter's church 129 lexington st belmont Ma. A ch... Meg Piccione
Franklin B. Tucker Could I find the five most popular names for licensed dogs in Belmont for 2017? Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Michele Banker This is an follow-up and expanded request to my  #17-112. A. Please provide traffic accident inci... Police - Crash Reports Only Ben Mailhot
lou miller List of new Belmont Business Certificates November 2016 to the present Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Michele Banker I request crash data for the last four years  (2013 - present day) for the intersection of Pleasa... Police Ben Mailhot
Ellen Cushman Please provide the draft of the decision that was provided to and used by the Planning Board for ... Planning & Zoning (Community Development) Glenn Clancy
Accutrend Data Corporation All business licenses filed for July and August of 2017 please. Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
anonymous Business Certificates issued since June 2016 Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Anne Horrigan Request for electronic copy of entire "census resident extract" list also known as the "extract #... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Catia Mourato All Business Certificates for Town of Belmont for April 2017 to YTD. Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Elizabeth Ennen Hello,We would like the official language of Article 10 regarding Sanctuary City status, passed d... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Anonymous Copy of retail food establishment permit for Zeytoun Convenience Store at 62 Concord Avenue. Health Angela Braun
Austin Kruger I am requesting public information on Belmont resident, Shiva Ayyadurai (69 Snake Hill RD, Belmon... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Barbara Hagg I respectfully request the end of year reports provided by the Town's monitoring company for the ... Human Resources Jessica Porter
Kelsey Taeckens current list of tobacco permit holders for the city of Belmont Health Angela Braun
Barbara Hagg Under the Massachusetts Public Records Act § 66-10 et seq., I am requesting copies of public reco... Accounting Chitra Subramanian
Joanna Tzouvelis Please send a copy of the decision to deny the request for the application for Case 15-34 with th... Meg Piccione
Nick Champney May I please have a request of all registered dog and cat ownersplease include name of owner, nam... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Nick Champney Most recent list of residences.  if possible please include NameAddressDate of birth(could it be ... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
Stephanie Galvin Hello, my names is Stephanie and I am an intern at the Environmental Voter Project. I am requesti... Town Clerk's Office Meg Piccione
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